Friday, May 29, 2009

Still not feeling chatty...

Here's a few stills from my cartoon Meat (in progress):

Oh, and the awesome Shelley Low is collecting links of all the thesis films on youtube here (updated as needed).

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Epic Fail!

No. No WAY. No way has it been 2 months since I posted.

Dang. (Man, the universe has been beating me about the head and shoulders lately about needing a laptop).

The semester has *just* ended, and our senior show, The Dustys happens TONIGHT. (7-11pm, Visual Arts Theatre, 333 w. 23rd st, north side, if your interested). I've been running about like a madwoman trying to finish Meat before everything shut down. (I'm not gonna tell you if I made it; gotta come to the show to find out!) I'll toss up some links/images/banana puddings up in a day or two; at the moment I'm still trying to make sure everything's all fancy. In the meantime, there's my sadly neglected YouTube page here, with a few of my cut-out animations (including a collaboration with Mikhail Shraga!).