Friday, October 15, 2010

Oh yea...

I know, I know: I'm seriously the WORST blogger ever. Granted, part of it is that this blog was meant more for my stop-motion stuff, and I've been crazy busy doing theatrical puppetry and mascotting. At Tandem Otter, we've just finished the big refurb for the Pee Wee Herman Show! I hate that I don't have any pics for you, but it's been insanely awesome getting to work for one of my childhood heroes, however indirectly. He'll be at the Stephen Sondheim theatre starting in November!

I have been inside Chairry. And Conkey. Seriously. You can touch me if you like. :D

And I've been mascotting like mad; I'm actually about to leave for my first ever performance tour with Bixby's Rain Forest Rescue! ( I'll be gone for just under three weeks and I hope to have some great performance shots when I get back.