Saturday, November 21, 2009

Plush Life

It's been a pleasantly busy fall at Basil Twist's. We finished the build (so! Many! Tentacles!) and the musical (The Addams Family) will be opening this month in Chicago, and on Broadway this spring.

I really wish I had pics for you, but I don't!

But what I do have for you are pics from what I do when I'm not animatin' and a puppet-tin'. I finally got around to scanning some of my old Six Flags photos, and I've a few more recent mascot shots as well.

New stuff!

I was too psyched to learn that this was the actual (well, secondary, but still!) Plex suit from the show. :-3 We had a great time at the Macy's Parade Press day. (And as soon as I find footage from it...!)

Miffy at the Natural History Museum Halloween show. First time in an inflatable costume. (Gotta confess, I'm not a fan of the inflatable. It felt like I was in a giant marshmallow the whole time, and I was really unsatisfied with how hard it was for me to interact with the kids. But the client and kids were awesome, and it was still a pretty great time all around!)

ROSITA SMASH!!!! Man... this very nearly ended in tragedy. (It's a great story, but not for the web). Have I mentioned that I love Sesame Street? And all things Muppetty? I feel like I was just too big for her- I'm not that tall, but I have long limbs that love to throw everything off. DX It was short, but kind of epic.

The Stork and I have a great working relationship. This is back from our first time in June, at some big deal high school football-dealy at Rutgers. I really, really wish I had some shots from ad week.

Classic plush

Remember my weird proportions? I had to campaign for YEARS to get any Daffy time. It was a bit maddening. I was the shortest regular rotation Bugs (Seriously? You can ALWAYS tell when it's me since the ankles pool). I was shorter than most of the regular Daffy's. But partially since I went into a lot of "Tall" characters I was technically too short for or just barely fit everyone was convinced I was taller than I am. So when I was finally able to do Daffy I... went a little nuts. ^__^;; What can I say? The Duck is AWESOME, and so much fun to work in.

Yea... apparently I was "too tall" for Lola, too.This was from the Philadelphia Mascot Parade years and years ago.